FREE Mindfulness Information Sessions

Mindfulness Information Session:
Mon March 2 & 9 @ 4:00pm
Wed March 4 @ 2:00pm
Sun March 8 @ 1:00pm

8-Week Program for 2020:
Wed March 11 – April 29 @ 2:00-4:30pm

Silent Retreat Day:
Sun April 29th @ 10:00 – 3:00pm

Integrate mindfulness into your daily life by learning concrete strategies and practices like seated and walking meditation as well as the body scan and gentle yoga.

Research shows that mindfulness increases compassion, reduces stress and anxiety and decreases depression. It allows you to cope with chronic pain more effectively and increases patience and tolerance.

Face your every day and acute life stresses with increased skill, calmness and an enhanced compassion for yourself and others.

“Very impressed with Susan’s knowledge, compassion and ability.” Tina, MBSR participant

The program consists of an orientation session, eight weekly classes and an all-day retreat. If you’re ready to make a potent commitment and change your life, start your mindfulness way of life at Janati Yoga School.

For more information contact Susan, or visit her website,

Susan Young, M.Ad.Ed., RSSW, PPC, is a certified life coach and Mindfulness Facilitator. She has engaged in Mindfulness Practices for over 20 years in Canada, United States, and India. Susan has facilitated groups and workshops over many years and trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs with the Centre for Mindfulness Studies. She has been a keynote speaker on Mindfulness and Stress in over a dozen organizations.


Location: Janati Yoga School - 16 Bath Road, unit 21 Kingston